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I trained at the Green Lake Martial Arts School from 1983 to 1993. I recieved my teaching certfifcate from Sijo Beall in 1993 while training at this school.

Great School, "Function not Flash" hands on, practical method of personal protection.Cooperative and Realistic training philosophySijo Beall

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My first Kung Fu Classes were with SiJo James DeMile when he had his school in Redmond, where I went to High School, then in Kirkland Wa. I started in 1981 and transfered to the Greenlake Martial Arts School,  when GLMAS was still part of the Wing Chun Do Organization,
as a blue sash in 1983.
SiJo DeMile is one of my Favorite Teachers, energetic, well spoken
and very very engaging. A Raconteur's Raconteur !!!

City Wing Chun - Sifu Alex Richter Sifu Richter

Sifu Richter started his Kung Fu training at Fu Shan Guan in 1995 while still a high school student in Issaquah WA. He later went on to  train with Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht at Castle Langgenzell in Germany and with Grandmaster Lueng Ting.
If you are ever in New York City  I'd encourage you to look up Sifu Richter and visit his school.

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Professor Chong - Chinese Cultural Center & Bamboo Master

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1Vigor - excellent website for fitness and longevity, here in Fall City (where else)


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