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Tower At The Kung Fu Club Fall City/Issaquah, we are dedicated to providing students with professional instruction in an inspiring and motivating environment.
Xiong Jiang Wing Chun Pai The Xiong Jiang Wing Chun Kung Fu class begins with a brief, standing meditation, done to promote the present moment skills fundamental to both the “external” aspect and exercises of the Xiong Jiang Wing Chun Kung Fu and the “internal” aspects of the Qi Gong.

Joss House Next are easy warm ups followed by exercises designed to strengthen and stretch the body in preparation for the harder and more strenuous training that follows.

Rounds Training on several types of striking bags and various types of Kung Fu training equipment is next, Punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicks and other moves are practiced for the remainder of the warm ups.

New students are encouraged to pace themselves and gradually accustom themselves to this type of vigorous training, pacing is encouraged.

It takes a while to get used to this type of exercise and to develop the required endurance. Most people find they enjoy this type of training and make a lot of improvement in just the first few weeks of participation. These exercises provide excellent cardiovascular conditioning, aerobic recovery and overall physical fitness.

Mook Jong           Uppercuts       Straight Punches
Additional training in the Xiong Jiang  Kung Fu follows for the remainder of class,
including Sticking and Trapping exercises, Mook Jong Training, Blocking and Punching drills, and grasping and Seizing exercises and counters.
In the intermediate and advanced classes ;
Sparring drills and Sparring exercises, Chi Sao and other cooperative partner training exercises are emphasized

Class ends with a brief seated meditation.

Best Wishes -Sifu Johann Sasynuik

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